Current projects

Ptarmigan population dynamics and their relation with climate change - Iceland

Ptarmigan population counts on Snæfellsnes - Iceland  (since 2019)

Completed projects (since 2003)

Summer diet of the Snowy Owl - Iceland

Parasites and population change of ptarmigan (PhD) - Iceland

Research and monitoring program for wildlife species - Bhutan

Survey method training - Bhutan

Fundraising - Bhutan

Black-necked crane activity patterns and behaviour in Phobjikha valley - Bhutan

Asiatic wild dog and wild pig ecology - Bhutan

Distance sampling analyses - Germany

Barn owl diets in natural compared to farm areas - South Africa

Ant-eating chat density estimation (distance sampling) - South Africa

Cape hare, springhare and steenbok density estimation (distance sampling) - South Africa

Cape fox, bat-eared fox, and black-backed jackal population ecology - South Africa

Bird surveys - Iceland, South Africa, Germany

Gyrfalcon population ecology - Iceland

Ptarmigan population monitoring (line transects, distance sampling) - Iceland

Ecological construction - Germany

Environment education - Germany, Poland, South Africa, Bhutan

Red deer population monitoring - Poland

European hare population ecology in organic farming areas - Germany