My research interests involve and evolve around the monitoring of wildlife populations (e.g. distance sampling surveys), dietary and spatial ecology, avian anatomy, physiology and condition, ecological interactions between species groups (e.g. mammals and birds), interactions in relation to population dynamics (e.g. host-parasite, predator-prey, herbivore-food, weather, climate), island bio-geography some of which are yet to be explored. I see great purpose in long-term research.

Beside being a researcher, I love to craft, go for a longer walk, or make music


I feel drawn to particular groups of species (though this is not exclusive and I haven't necessarily done scientific research on all of them):

Owls (Strigiformes) . Falcons (Falconidae) . Kites (Milvus, Buteo) . Ptarmigan (Lagopus) . Herons (Ardeo) . Cranes (Gruidae)  l  Hares (Leporidae) . certain Antilopes and Gazelles . Deer (Cervidae) . Hyenas (Hyanidae)  l  Butterflies (Lepidoptera) . Damselflies (Zygoptera)