Current projects

Ptarmigan population dynamics and their relation with climate change - Iceland

Ptarmigan population counts on Snæfellsnes - Iceland  (since 2019)

Completed projects, e.g.

Icelandic Ptarmigan counts 

Professional Agile Leader (PAL l) training 

Professional Scrum Master (PSM ll) training 

ArcGIS Pro training 

Summer diet of the Snowy Owl in Iceland

Parasites and population change of Icelandic Rock Ptarmigan (PhD) 

Environment education and PR in Germany, Poland, South Africa, Bhutan 

Research and monitoring program for wildlife species in Bhutan

Survey method trainings in Bhutan

Fundraising in Bhutan

Black-necked crane activity patterns and behaviour in Phobjikha valley, Bhutan

Asiatic wild dog and wild pig ecology in Bhutan

Distance sampling analyses 

Countdown 2010: saving biodiversity in Marzahn-Hellersdorf in Berlin 

Barn owl diets in natural compared to farm areas in South Africa

Ant-eating chat density estimation (distance sampling) in South Africa

Cape hare, springhare and steenbok density estimation (distance sampling) in South Africa

Cape fox, bat-eared fox, and black-backed jackal population ecology in South Africa

Bird surveys in Iceland, South Africa, Germany

Gyrfalcon population ecology in Iceland

Ptarmigan population monitoring (counts, line transects, distance sampling) in Iceland

Ecological construction in Germany

Red deer population monitoring in Poland

European hare population ecology in organic farming areas in Germany